Ender Gottipati


UX Research and Design Intern

Lenovo Group Ltd.
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

Conducted research in over 13 counties in North Carolina to understand the Generation Z market.
Conducted beta testing and directed marketing campaign using video production tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.
Presented data analysis and potential innovative products to VP of Global Marketing and team managers.

Founder, Developer

Saaho Technologies
Jan 2020 - Present

Aid local businesses get a competitive edge through the integration of technology. We provide a way for each business to showcase their individuality to increase their reach and customer engagement.

Business Strategist, Data Science Intern

Jun 2020 - Nov 2020

At this educational startup, I contribute to the mission of simplifying complex artificial intelligence concepts such as artificial neural networks, clustering, etc. for 2nd-10th grade students in order to build their potential for a future in data science.
Designed a 5-tier pay structure for employees based on their responsibilities after consulting market comparisons for similar roles in 8 different industries.
Developing iOS, watchOS, and web-based AI concept games for young students.

Software Engineer Intern

Nov 2020 - Present

Led the design of the mobile and web app user interface for our piracy protection technology which embeds metadata into content.
Collaborated on a customer story for diverse use cases and the front-end for the AI authentication API.

Web Developer and Marketing Lead

NYU Hyperloop
Nov 2020 - Present

Designed and developed website for the sustainable transportation research initiative, NYU Hyperloop VIP Program.



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Created a website that allows users to upload an image on any device and displays all of the uploaded images from other users with special effects.
Executed with: Express js (Node js), ejs templating, MongoDB Cloud Database, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, CSS, Bootstrap

Animal Facts

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Accesses an api to display a random fact about animals
Executed with: CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Web Calculator

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A simple calculator
Executed with: CSS, HTML, JavaScript


Devised a watchOS app that provides stress relief to users through haptic feedback.
Executed with: Swift

Augmented Reality Menu

Fusion 9 Restaurant- Morrisville, NC

Implemented augmented reality menu in a local restaurant with diminishing sales.
This new way of seeing the dishes before ordering became a different experience for customers and a way for the restaurant to display their unique dishes. Customers can use a mobile app to recognize dishes from the physical menu and produces a 360° 3D model of the dish.
Executed with: Swift ARKit

Customer Feedback Analysis Program

Ellerbe Pharmacy- Ellerbe, NC

Designed a data analysis program at a pharmacy so that the owners could efficiently address customer concerns.
Through text mining techniques, this program analyses customer feedback and identifies common concerns and areas for improvement.
Developed with: Python

Online Marketing Campaign

Triangle Badminton Club- Morrisville, NC

Redesigned website to improve user experience and launched a marketing campaign to increase memberships.
The new user interface addressed difficulty that users previously faced in navigating to membership registrations.
Produced with: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


Thank you!

For taking the time to look through my portfolio.

I am currently working from Brooklyn, New York. If you wish to get in contact with me, feel free to email, call, or reach me through Linkedin.